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Program for the year
March 4
Topic: Bibliodrama - Robin Lane
March 18
Topic: A Feast of good news story telling and liturgy

Last session we experienced one form of story telling for a purpose. The bible is full of stories which show people trying to understand their place in the world, living sometimes recklessly, bravely or foolishly. 21st century people can discern motives, meanings, actions that illuminate lives now.

Our turn for story-telling now. In all our lives, there probably have been events which have jolted us out of our normal pattern, or events which, when we look back on them, we see them as turning points, as impellers of change in thinking, in our way of seeing the world.

An example. Eight years after my husband died, I went back to the Northland beach where my parents had camped with their children for several years. I sat under my father’s ‘laughing tree’, where he rested, recovering from angina episodes. I became aware of my decision to change my name back to my birth name, and to shift to another house, which would be the first one that I alone had chosen and owned. I realised later that this decision had a deeper meaning than a name and a home change. I was taking a major step along the way to becoming more fully my own person. (Though that process never ends, of course.) Becoming fully human is one way I understand the Good News that Jesus brought us.

Over this week, how about reflecting on some key events in your life? Pick some out that have helped you arrive at your current understanding of Good News/Gospel. Be ready to tell others in a small group.

1 April
Topic: Ressurection come to life: Myth and Ritual
Jill & Ian Harris
15 April
Topic: What Book, Film or Music has moved your heart?

Betty Knight         Rachel Carson       The Silent Spring
Currently, what are the issues in Aotearoa New Zealand that cause concern with regard to the use of chemicals or certain technological methods? Do we need further controls in place?

Ivan Frost             Kahil Gibran          The Prophet
Something to think about: "When you are joyous look deep in your heart and you shall find only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

David Simmers      Joseph Conrad       Lord Jim
What characteristics of Lord Jim have the quality of myth? That is, what qualities in the story help us navigate our way through life?

David Patchett      Personal reflection on Auschwitz     

Noel Cheer           Richard Holloway   Leaving Alexandria
In light of the recent resignation of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury, do you think he might have concerns about the state of the church similar to those of Richard Holloway.

Jill Harris              Paul Tillich           from chapter 7: Shaking the Foundations
The name of this infinite and inexhaustible depth and ground of all being is God. That depth is what the word God means. And if that word has not much meaning for you, translate it, and speak of the depths of your life, of the source of your being, of your ultimate concern, of what you take seriously without any reservation. Perhaps in order to do so, you must forget everything traditional that you have learned about God, perhaps even the word itself. For if you know that God means depth, you know much about Him. You cannot then call yourself an atheist or unbeliever. For you cannot think or say: Life has no depth! Life itself is shallow. Being itself is surface only If you could say this in complete seriousness, you would be an atheist; but otherwise you are not. He who knows about depth knows about God.
May 6
Topic:New Atheism - Alain de Boton
Noel Cheer
May 20 Topic:Calendar for Aug-Dec
Hymn Writing for Ephesus
June 17
Topic:Fairy wings and lipstick? Feminist theology and ideas about good social roles for young women in C21
Maxine & helpers
July 1
Topic:Sacred sites - stones, mountains, visits to sites
July 15
Topic:Economics prequel (including sustainability)
August 5
August 19
September 2
Liturgy: Wilderness, Exile, Salvation
September 16
October 7
November 4
Topic:The Writing on The Wall: Artist as Prophet
November 18
Topic:Open session - artists as prophets - bring & share group discussion and liturgy
December 2
Christmas liturgy
Program for the year
Feb 6
Topic: Planing session
March 6
Topic: Centering ourselves - Bronwyn White
Discussion and setting some our programme for the year
March 20
Topic: Precis and discussion about the book: The Spiritlevel
Betty Knight and Archie Kerr
April 3
Topic: Understanding the moral mind (Jonathan Haidt) (video & discussion)
Peter Cowley & Ralph Pannett
April 17
Topic: Palm Sunday liturgy
Jim and Maxine Cunningham
May 1
Topic: Quilting (Part 1) (I don't think this is all about needles and thread!)
Shirley Dixon
May 15
Topic: Quilting (Part 2)
Shirley Dixon
June 5
Topic: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus - What significance do they have (if any) for progressive Christians?
Lloyd Geering
June 19
Topic: Life as Gesamtkunstwerk (change to programme advertised earlier)
Ralph Pannett
Topic: Playing your ˜best song" on an island near mars
Bronwyn White
July 17
Topic: Planning the rest of year programme
Jeanette Brunton
August 5 -7
Ephesus Weekend Away at Cross Creek
August 21
Topic:  What am I passionate about? This is an opportunity for you to hear and explore the fascinating interests of some of our members. There may be some surprises.
September 4
Topic: Session centred on the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, which has been called the most influential book in the English language. How come? What makes it so? In an age where new translations stream from the presses, does this version matter any more?
September 18
Topic: Lloyd Geering will be presenting - What is our Gospel?
This topic was originally intended to be follow-up to my last presentation, which seemed to undermine traditional Christianity. So does the Church have a Gospel anymore? For the Gospel to be Good News it must be relevant to the changing cultural situation. This presentation will show how the 'Gospel' has changed very much in the past and then offer some suggestions for today.
October 2
Topic: A Christian view of community in relation to current political priorities.
And your Homework is: We are beginning a series of pre-election sessions focusing on vulnerable children.
The topic includes the issues of the effects of poverty, violence and inequality.
These, along with Rowan Williams on Christian community and politics, were the top topics you identified at our planning session that you wanted to explore.
As a frame for this exploration, we start with considering our understanding of Christian community. How different is it from New Zealand now? Archbishop Rowan Williams gives us a good starter. We have invited Grant Robertson, MP for Wellington Central to give his take on the New Statesman leading article, and to comment on the politicians’ comments following. Noel Cheer will chair the discussion. I am sure there will be a lot of it!
October 16
Topic: Getting to grips with some answers to these questions of October 2.
Colleen Davey will tell us what it’s like at the ‘coal face’ of her job, and we shall explore some information from one of the many reports recently published about children.
November 6
Topic: We shall hear about a GP’s experience on the front line, and consider what we could do in response to the issue of children, their future and ours.
November 20
Topic: Robin Lane will be leading the following presentation: A Fresh Approach to Prayer
This session will look at prayer in a fresh way. I think it is a basic human activity. It’s origins lie in our biological and cultural past. My hunch is that it comes from the human activity of wishing!
We will explore:
- What is prayer for you? Try writing in down in no more than 25 words.
· We will look at the worlds of physics and psychodrama (its notion of tele) to suggest an understanding of prayer.
· Please bring a photo, a picture or a drawing as aid to contemplation.
· I suggest you dress in comfortable clothes.
Here is a thought to contemplate: “Attention is an act of love”
December 4
Christmas Liturgy and Celebration
Program for the year
March 7
Topic: Shirley & Lloyd geering in Iran
Facilitator: Shirley Dixon
March 21
Topic: Pains of glass and bitter paradise (an Easter reflection)
Facilitator: To Be Advised
April 4
No Meeting (Easter)
April 18
Topic: Exposee of plans for the rest of the year!  based on three interweaving themes.
May 2
Topic: Adam, Eve and Oedipus as examples of myths that
a) lost their power through being literalised
b) were revived and made relevant through psychology.

Facilitator: Rob Wilkinson
May 9
Topic: Jesus as Logos, Christ as Mythos
Facilitator: Ian harris (plus others)
May 30
Topic: Stardust and time - Celebrating Mythos and Logos
Facilitator: Jill Harris and others
June 20
Topic: Introduce Segment 2 on Compassion, including Karen Armstrong’s address to the TED conference in 2008 and the Charter for Compassion.
Facilitator: Other details to be arranged
July 4
Topic: Compassion in action: Exploring the theme.
Facilitator: Allen Wright & Colleen Davey
July 18 Topic: Compassion in action - Quality of life when time is limited.
Facilitator: Maxine Cunningham
August 1
Topic: Compassion: the impossible dream?
Facilitator: Keith Carley
August 15
Topic: Meditation/Liturgy rounding out the compassion theme
August 27-29
Cross Creek weekend away
September 5
Topic: In Pursuit of Happiness: How do we live religiously in a consumer-driven society?
Facilitator: Ian Harris & Maxine Cunningham
September 19
Topic: Community responses to the sustainability challenge, including transition towns
Facilitator: Frank Cook
October 3
Topic: Ian Pool will lead the session following his paper to the Sea of Faith conference on "Population, Development and Wuality of Life: Compassion and Sustainability"
Facilitator: Ia Pool
October 17
Topic: A liturgy on nurturing the environment and the harmful impact of consumerism on it
Facilitator: Jill
November 7
Topic: What is real prosperity
Facilitator: Ian Harris & Rob Wilkinson
November 21
Topic: Practices and disciplines that would help us walk the talk
Facilitator: Robin and Rob
December 5
Topic: Christmas Liturgy, incorporating the Many Tables reflection and communion.
Facilitator: Maxine
2009 Program for the year
March 1
Wotif? Tomorrow
Facilitator: Jill Harris, Presenter: Jill Harris
March 15
Is the Church really necessary?
Facilitator: Ian Harris, Presenter: Richard Randerson
April 5
Hoiw do we make sense of Easter?
Facilitator: Robin Lane, Presenter: Jeanette, Hilary, Archie
April 19
Post Easter liturgy
Facilitator: Jill Harris, presenter: Volunteers?
May 3
Jim Symons on US religion
Facilitator: Ian Harris
May 17
The biological basis of religion
Facilitator: Archie Kerr, Presenter: Archie kerr
June 7
Darwin's influence on society
Facilitator: Noel Cheer, Presenter: Noel Cheer
June 21
Ecclesiasties, nature of God
Facilitator: Archie Kerr, Presenter: Lloyd Geering
July 5
Ecclesiasties - a conversation
Facilitator: Archie Kerr, Presenter: Lloyd Geering and Ken Irwin
July 19
Demonising people we don't like
Facilitator: Ian Harris, Presenter: David Hanna
August 2
Compassion, human rights and reconciliation
Facilitator: Robin Lane, Presentor: Robin lane
August 16
Bring a book to talk about
Facilitator: Rob Wilkinson: presenter: Adrienne
August 21-23
How are ya going, mate?
Facilitator: Jill Harris, presentor: Cross Creek Planning Group
September 6
So much to be thankful for - Spirit and faith in contemporary music
Facilitator: Elizabeth, presenter: Bronwyn
September 20

New Growth - Spring celebration
Facilitator: Elizabeth, presenter: Margaret Rushbrook

October 4
Compassion continued
Facilitator: Rob Wilkinson, presenter: Alan Wright & Coleen Davy
October 18
A fresh look at Paul
Facilitator: Robin Lane, presenter: Jim Cunningham
November 1
Transforming moments
Facilitator: Rob Wilkinson, presenter: Robin Lane
November 15
The Postcolonial Turn: Reading the Bible in Aotearoa New Zealand in Conversation with Achsah.
(Judges 1, 11-16) and (Joshua 15, 15-19)"
Facilitator: Adrienne, presenter: Dr Judith McKinlay
December 6
A Christmas “event”
Facilitator: Elizabeth, presenter: Margaret Pannett
2008 Program for the year

March 2 On "My name is Judas" by C K Steed
Facilitator: David Simmers
March 16 Is Christ redundant?
Facilitator: Ian Harris 
April 6 Post Easter liturgy
For some people, the concept of the Christ has become outmoded or suspect. With a change in perspective, that need not be so. Following on from the last session, Ian Harris will suggest a way of understanding the Christ that he considers not only intellectually and spiritually valid, but also positive for the world of secular modernity
April 20 Jung and Ephesus
May 4 Jung and Ephesus
Facilitator: lloyd Geering
May 18 Falling for Science: Spirituality and Science
Facilitator: Bernard Beckett
June 1 No Meeting
June 15 Spirituality of Aotearoa - Tuwhare, Hotare, Randerson
Facilitator: Ralph Pannett
June 27-29 "Otaki" Weekend, Theme: Our reaction to Lloyd Geerings "Big Ideas" from the documentary "The Last Western Heretic"
July 6 Bring & Share  -  poems, art, literature, etc
July 20 Religious themes in Country Music
Facilitator: Chris Nichol
August 3 Reclaiming liturgy
Facilitator:  Maxine & Jill
August 17 Movement in Liturgy - Crow's Feet dance group
Facilitator: Jan Bolwell
Sept 7 L. colo: I till (to till * to till the earth * to cultivate the Earth * to vandalise the Earth)
‘The sedge has withered from the lake, and no birds sing’  (Keats)
Facilitator: Jill
Sept 21 GAIA Hypothesis
how it relates to our spirituality, conservation and our way of life
Facilitator: Dave Lowe
Sept 29 SOF conference in Blenheim
October 5 The view looking back - Reflections on 40 years in the Ministry
Facilitator: Jim Cunningham
October 19 Engaging with the next generation on "what matters"
Facilitator: Ken Irwin
November 2 Public Interest vs Common Good - with scenarios
Facilitator:Rob Wilkinson
November 16 What do we tell our grandchildren - Great stories  to be told
Facilitator: John McIntyre, kilbirnie Books
December 7 Christmas Liturgy "A Christmas Carol"
An exploration of a great Christmas Myth based on  Charles Dickens' story.
Facilitator: Adrienne Nicholls, Hillary Hunter & Betty Knight.
2007 Program for the year
March 4 Liturgy - Leaves of our lives
Facilitator: Jill Harris
March 18 Have you sold out to the devil?
Facilitators: Ian & Jeanette
April 1 Easter Liturgy - Betrayal, defwat - yet the vast red dawn
Facilitators: Robin & Jill
April 15

Human accomplishment. If Christianity has contributed largely to the advances of Western civilisation in past 800 years, what will happen as that base crumbles? (based on book by Charles Murray)
Facilitator: Ian

May 6 Human accomplishment: The Ephesus Questions
In our session on April 15, Charles Murray offered some intriguing observations in his grand overview of 2750m nyears of accomplisment in nthe arts and sciences.  There are more intriguing observations to come.

Iam harris will outline them this Sunday and then we shall have the chance to discuss their implications for the present day, and especially their relevance to Ephesus.
May 15 Human accomplishment.
If Christianity has contributed largely to the advances of Western civilisation in past 800 years, what will happen as that base crumbles?

Or another angle...
The True, The Good, The Beautiful
A look back on 2750 years of the pursuit of excellence  in the arts and sciences, as described by Charles Murray in his book Human Accomplishment - and a look forward at the implications of his findings for the future.
Facilitator: Ian Harris
May 20 Reframing Her: Biblical Women in Postcolonial Focus (2004) by Judith McKinlay
Betty Knight and Irena Lowe presenting ideas from the book
June 17 Buddhism. How to respond to the world we are living in? How to deal with secularisation?
Facilitators: Camilla Browne, Soka Gakkai
July 1 Creating a civil society
Facilitator: Robin
July 15 What is the most potent/revolutionary idea of/for the 21st century?
Facilitator: Noel
July 27-29 Otaki weekend. Ethics.Civil, Civic, Civilising: the art of living together
Facilitators: Lloyd, Nicky Hager
August 5 City of God: a drama based on the novel City of God by EL Doctorow introduces the story, characters and ideas of a book which talks about the modern reality of God and “a quest for an authentic spirituality for the 21st century” (reviewer). It is set in New York and has been described as “the first Sea of Faith-type novel”.
Facilitators:  Jill and others
August 19 Liturgy. The universe, ourselves.
Facilitator: Jill
Sept 2 What do we tell the grandchildren? Ethical wills. What’s left when you’ve left?
Facilitators: Ken and Archie (info from Rob)
Sept 16 What would an Ephesus funeral be like?
Facilitator: Ian
October 7 Landfall after sailing across the Sea of Faith
The Sea of Faith conference can challenge, inspire new thinking and infuriate. It's an opportunity for like-minded and unlike-minded people to debate, to make friends and to enjoy 
November  4 Liturgy: The Continuing Story
Facilitator: Jill
November 18 Exploring Meditation
- Linking modern knowledge and ancient wisdom
- Making meditation an element in daily practice
- Practising meditation
Facilitator: Robin lane
December 2 Christmas Liturgy
2006 Program for the year
Feb 19 Regathering and socialising
18:00 at Jill & Ian's home at 9a Tui Road, Days Bay, Eastbourne.
March 05 "Lets bake a cake"
Review of the 2005 session and forward discussion.
Facilitator & Coordinator: Norm Ely
March 19 Are you a Stoic and Don’t Know It?
A modern look at Stoicism
Presenter: David Simmers.
April 02 Easter Liturgy – Nature or Supernature
Easter 14th to 17th April, Anzac Day Tuesday 25th April.
April 23 (*) Bibliodrama 1
Presenter: Robin
* note different date due to Easter
May 07 Bibliodrama 2
Presenter: Robin
May 21 Bibliodrama – Liturgy – ?
June 11 (*) New Words out of Old 1
Presenter: Rob
* Note different date due to Queens Birthday
June 25 (*) New Words out of Old 2
Presenter: Rob
* Note different date.  
July 09 (*) New Words out of Old Liturgy – A Midwinter Liturgy - ?
* Note different date
July 21-23 Otaki Weekend --- Two forms of resistance to Hitler (A Modern Interpretation), preceded by the Film “Downfall” on the Friday
Presenters: Robin and Others
Aug 06 Hiroshima Day
Presenter: Adrienne
Aug 20 Winter Liturgy
Presenter: Jill
Sept 03 What we owe to anchient Iraq
Presenter: Lloyd Geering
Sept 17 The search for meaning
Presenter: Neville Glasgow
Oct 01 SoF Conference at Marton. At least 10 of our members will be attending the SoF Conference there will be no meeting on this date.

Oct 15 Myth
Presenter: Kill Cunningham
Nov 12
Note changed date
Presenter: Ken Irwin
Exploring putting some Maori frameworks into our rituals & liturgies
Nov 26
Note changed date
Travelling through Time and Space with Dr Who
What is the Time? Which Space? An opportunity for Ephesus members to share personal times and spaces with each other.
Dec 03 Christmas Liturgy
Presenter: Elizabeth Earnslaw and others
2005 Program for the year
March 06 Where do I Stand?
Over the years members of Ephesus have journeyed along many paths of faith, mostly Christian.  Some withing Faith/Church communities, some not.  Where do some of those now stand?
Presenters: Adrienne Nicholls, Elizabeth Earnslaw, David Patchett, Hilary Hunter, Noel Cheer, Gavin Watson.
Facilitator and Coordinator: Norm Ely
March 20 Where do we Stand?
Following on from the March 05 session, the question now arises do other members share the same, similar or quite different views to the presenters at the previous meeting.
Facilitator and Coordinator: Norm Ely
April 03 Where do others stand? Program 1
Presenter: Pushpa Wood, a Hindu, will speak to us on 'Her personal journey into her faith"
Coordinator: Elizabeth Earnslaw
April 17 Where do others stand? Program 2
Presenter: Joellen Duckor, Para Rabbi
Coordinator: Elizabeth Earnslaw
May 01 Where do others stand? Program 3
Presenter: Rehaha Ali, a Muslim
Coordinator: Elizabeth Earnslaw
May 15 Liturgy for Pentecost
Coordinator: Maxine Cunningham
May 29 Rituals around Death, Celebration of Life. Program 1
Over the next three sessions we will look at various aspects of the above topic.
Coordinator: Shirley Dixon
June 19 Rituals around Death, Celebration of Life. Program 2
Over the next three sessions we will look at various aspects of the above topic.
Coordinator: Shirley Dixon
July 03 Rituals around Death, Celebration of Life. Program 3
Over the next three sessions we will look at various aspects of the above topic.
Coordinator: Shirley Dixon
July 17 An ethical question?
Coordinator: Norm Ely
Aug 07 Otaki retreat weekend
Aug 21 Amnesty International - Current work in progress.
Presenter:Rev John Murray
Coordinator: Noel Cheer
Sep 04 Re-imaging traditional religious images: The Madonna
Our task is to look/re-look at some wonderful old images of the Madonna (limited here to paintings) mainly from the Renaissance Period.
We will consider the traditional Christian content, investigate the surplus of meaning beyond their original context and explore re-readings from a radical or secular perspective.
Sept 18 Film (Together) and discussion
A session to involve us in singing, enjoying ourselves and incidentally doing a race through the aspects of: context, language, imagery, human rights, peace, creation, the NZ component and carols.

Also along the way, editors, alterations and misprints, composers I have known and the amazing NZ Hymnbook Trust

Presenter: Shirley Murray
Coordinator: Norm Ely
Oct 16 The UN at 6-: Still humanity's best hope
Presenters: Dame Lauri Salas and Joe Connell
Nov 06 We live in a new religious era
Presenter & Coordinator: Lloyd Geering

Nov 20 Ephesus - We're going on for 16 - let's bake a cake!
    *  What ingredients do you want in the cake mix?
    * What kind of a cake would you like to eat?

Take a moment during the next few days to think about how you'd finish the sentences:

"I keep on coming to Ephesus because ... "

"Ephesus is valuable to me when ...
Presenters: Jill and Ian Harris
Dec 04 Matthew Tells a Story - A recycled liturgy
Presenters: Jill & Ian Harris
2004 Program for the year
March 7  Planning meeting
March 21 Art & Myth
Visit "Signs & Wonders exhibition at Te Papa" before the meeting and discuss.
Coordinator: Ralph Pannett
April 04 Easter Liturgy
"From Darkness to Light: Our Experiences of Resurrection".
Coordinator: Bronwyn White
April 18 Let's explore a myth
A mythic story will be told and then we will deconstruct it.
Coordinator Jill Harris
May 02 Shifting Sands – Foreshore, Seabed and Treaty issues

A Special meeting arranged by the Joint Churches in Johnsonville at Johnsonville Uniting Church (our normal venue)
May 16  So What? Where now? What do we do?

Coordinator Elizabeth Earnshaw.
May 30  Myths that shape NZ today
What are the most powerful myths that shape our lives?
Coordinators Norm Ely and Ian Harris
June 20 

Myths for our future in NZ
Myths that will Last; that we Need; that will (or should) Die.
Coordinator Ralph Pannett

July 04 

'The historical progression of myth'.
A sketch of the shape of myth from that of ancient Babylon to that of Marx.

Talk by Lloyd Geering
Coordinator Robin Lane

Also see book review of The Eden Myth

July 18 Liturgical outcome
Coordinators Jill Harris, Maxine Cunningham, Peter Cowley
July 30 - 
Aug 01
Otaki weekend
Power of Myth Videos; discussion; walks; camaraderie.
Friday evening to Sunday afternoon at Otaki. Accommodation on site or as you wish. 
You can attend the whole weekend or any part thereof. Details to follow.
Aug 08  Perspectives on aging.
A series of new explorations begins.
Coordinators Maxine Cunningham; David and Pauline Patchett; Jill Harris
Aug 22 To Be advised
Sept 5 To be advised
Sept 19 To be advised
Oct 3 To be advised
Oct 17 To be advised
Nov 7 To be advised
Nov 21 To be advised
Dec 5 Christmas Liturgy and Meal
Details to follow.


Program for the year
March 2

Decisions to continue meeting at Johnsonville..
Themes confirmed and planning groups arranged up until mid-August.  Further planning group will be needed for ‘Exciting insights from the world of Science” to begin mid-year.  
“Getting to know each other”   exercises to discuss who we are, where we come from and what some of the important things are in our lives.
Facilitator – Margaret Rushbrook.

March Film evening at Lighthouse Theatre in Petone, followed by takeaways and discussion at Ian and Jill Harris, Days Bay.  See my forwarded email from Jill Harris – dates Friday 28 or Sunday 30 March – reply to Jill
March 16

Spirituality as manifest in the “New Zealand Anthology of Spiritual Verse”
Jill Harris

April 6 Session 1, “In Search of the Sacred”  Robin Lane
Easter No Meeting
May 4 Sacred Space, Sacred Time (Ralph Pannett)
May 18 Session 3,  Liturgy – theme of “In search of the sacred”
June - Queens Birthday No Meeting
June 15  Winter festival dinner as part of a liturgy
June 27-29 Otaki Weekend  (Group 3 – to arrange)
July 6  Bi-culturalism – The Way Forward on Bi-culturalism - Group 4: 
July 20 Bi Culturalism - Group 4

August 3

Liturgy – on theme of Bi-culturalism  - Jill Harris

August 17

“The Column” – Ian Harris

Sept 7

Sept. 21

Constructing a Believable God”.  Prof. Gordon Kaufman.  

David Simmers  (From the books of Professor Gordon Kaufman.) “Constructing a Believable God”.*  ctd.

Sept. 26-28

SOF Conference.  Inglewood

Oct. 5

Oct 19

Science Series
(1)  “Soil and Soul”, Jeanette Brunton

(2)  Exciting Insights from the World of Science.  Ralph is coordinating ideas for this at the moment with Ian Hunter, Maire, and Jeanette and Elizabeth.

 November 2

Prof. Lloyd Geering – Fundamentalism.  

Jim Cunningham, Chairperson

 November 8 or 9th  

Spring ‘Happening”  – something outside – an outing – social occasion – David and Pauline Patchett – more later.

 November 16

Soapbox   what are your passions?  Noel Cheer to coordinate helpers – need volunteers soon.

 Dec 7

Christmas meeting - Liturgy, end of year. (Group 7 to organize – will ask for volunteers at end of October.)

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