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Introducing ....  Ephesus

Ephesus is the name of a group which is exploring new ways of understanding Christian faith in the increasingly secular world of New Zealand in the new millennium.

Ephesus is a process - open, questioning, supportive, sharing.

Ephesus welcomes anyone, linked with a church or not, who is prepared to share in its search.

Five 'Stained Glass' windows - a collage created at the Cross Creek Weekend away. (click on the photo for a large view)
Window 1 made
                for a collageWindow 5 Window 3 made
                from a collage Window 2 made
                from a collage Window 4 made
                from a collage

In 2007 Kelvin Grant was commissioned to design a multi-faith chapel for a tourist resort at Rakaia Gorge. His plans included seven stained glass windows. Below are the briefs for five of the windows, written by Val Grant.

      Where does life lead us?
Ideas about a lifetime journey or pilgrimage are common to many of the world's religions. The pathway may be rocky sometimes, rivers can be cleansing, hills may be challenging, but the journey has a goal.

      Everyone has a contribution to make
To find joy in work and service, one must discover one's own talent and purpose. How best to use what one has been given for the benefit of all?

      Celebrate our capacity to love, create and discover
Everyone can leave something beautiful in the world as a remembrance.
To love and to be creative - these are the distinctive characteristics of God.

      Don't be hampered by grievance
Seek justice and reconciliation at every level - personal, community, social, cosmic. Let go the burden of retribution; use one's energy instead for creativity and love.

      Finding what is important and meaningful
The search for inner peace can be long and difficult, demanding courage, sacrifice and the bearing of many sadnesses. Try to come to terms with struggle and tragedy; travel with purpose and hope.

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